Welmax_01From a modest start in 1998, Welmax has for the last years been one of the leading suppliers of automatic welding company’s in Norway.  Administration, warehouse and service department / workshop are now all under one roof at Gjærdal in Larvik.

To obtain good space for all our activities we are building a new warehouse with offices that will be completed in spring 2015. Welmax has long experience designing and building machines to customer needs Therefor high experience of delivering everything from small portable machines to complete manufacturing systems. We use modern technology and focuses on known and stable suppliers. The last thing we have developed is remote controlled through mobile phone or pad

For other methods that we have a huge variety of machines for cutting and beveling.

Many of the machines and production lines, we have built is according to our customer’s needs and we draw up the equipment in close collaboration with them.

Welding processes are just as important as the machines.
We develops new welding process applications and optimise existing ones.
The most well known are Tig Hotwire narrow gap, Plasma, Mig/Mag, sub arc welding with AC / DC and cold-wire. In the near future will also K-TIG process be an significantly used method.

We sell not only new but also have a large used stock of most types of machines.These we altso rent out for short and long periods.

Welmax focus on:
High Welding quality
Production efficiency
Repeat accuracy
Low threshold for operators/users

Hegdalbakken 3, NO-3261 Larvik
+47 33 16 35 40