West Oil Tools Well Intervention AS

west oil tools well interventionWest Oil Tools Well Intervention is located in Ålesund and was founded in 2008. The company has developed a groundbreaking intervention system consisting of a riser, compensated slip joint, a lower marine riser package and a small BOP. The intervention system and its parts are the company’s core products.

Design and innovation is based on the ever stronger push from operators and government towards increased oil recovery (IOR), and offer a credible riser-based intervention system that facilitates subsea well services from a shipshape vessel. Thereby reducing the need for expensive rig days and still providing the opportunity to maintain production from the well at a high level. In addition the system gives great environmental benefits by significantly reducing the need for chemicals and material, while also improving the safety and security of those operating the system due to user friendly handling and a reduction of moving parts.

The company has been through a successful commercialisation phase in 2011 with several subsea deliveries to the North Sea Continental Shelf. West Oil Tools Well Intervention has also attracted interest from operators and other industrial interests in China, Angola and Canada, and will have a beginning international footprint in 2012 in addition to being a credible domestic supplier to the oil industry.

West Oil Tools Well Intervention AS
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