Westad Industri AS

Butterfly and Ball Valves

Westad Industri AS is a subsidiary of the Technor Group and a Norwegian manufacturer of High Performance Butterfly and Ball Valves for service in corrosive media, cryogenic temperatures and in other extreme operational conditions. The products are designed and tested to meet customer requirements within Maritime, Oil & Gas and LNG applications.

Westad was founded in 1895 by Daniel Westad who recognized opportunities to supply the local pulp & paper industry with valves and accessories. He designed and patented his own products and won Gold Medal at the world exhibition in Stockholm in 1897. During the next half century Westad gradually shifted focus towards the Maritime industry, and in the late -60’s Westad pioneered the use of Butterfly valves on large tankers, moreover replacing traditional Gate valves. A few years later in the mid -70’s Westad introduced a Cryogenic Butterfly valve to be used onboard LNG tankers and till today this product has served the industry and contributed to our position as a market leader in this segment. Also in the -70’s Westad established a leading position as supplier of Butterfly Valves to the Norwegian Oil & Gas market in the North Sea.

Today Westad still maintain production in Norway although our market has gradually moved to the Far East. Focus on quality, performance, and ability to adapt to changes has ensured a leading position in niche markets. With more than a 1000 large ships and offshore installations operating with Westad valves we look forward to the next business century with confidence.

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