WeSubsea has continued to grow worldwide with the combination of investment and strong partnerships with Seatronics, J2 Subsea, Frontier Subsea and Swire Seabed.

These partnership allow WeSubsea to offer their unique high quality equipment to the global market.

At WeSubsea we pride ourselves in being able to work closely with our customers and supply effective solutions no matter what size of project. WeSubsea strive to be at the forefront of the latest technology’s and innovation. With a strong focus on quality and service to keep us at the top.

WeSubsea_AS2In 2015 WeSubsea have released a new We3D Titanium dredger Along with High Capacity 4”, 8” and 10” Titanium dredgers.

WeSubsea’s constant focus on development allows us to offer the best solutions to the market, giving us the edge over our competitors and is well known for its effective tools for use in the subsea sector and its high level of customer service.

WeOffshore is the sister company of WeSubsea an innovative and dynamic company.

We deliver innovative products and services including video inspection, advanced cleaning and pressure testing, based on HSE improvements.

Our aim is to provide “State of the art” equipment developed with innovations in safety and time consumption coupled with cost effectiveness. Our employees have an excellent and relevant skill base and undergo extensive training with a strong focus on HSE.

WeSubsea is based in Kristiansund, Norway and Aberdeen, UK and in co-operation with Seatronics/J2Subsea and Frontier Subsea in worldwide locations allowing us to offer global solutions and service.