Wikström VVS-Kontroll

Wikström VVS-kontrol, HVAC Wikström VVS-Kontroll is a consulting company within HVAC, Piping and Energy. Wikström VVS-Kontroll was formed in January 2003 by the merger of two companies: Wikström VVS-Konsulten and VVS Kontroll. Both of these companies go back a long way: Wikström was started in 1954 and VVSKontroll was founded in 1968.

Wikström VVS-Kontroll has three offices with a total of 45 employees. The headquarters is in Gothenburg, and the two branch offices are in Kinna and Vänersborg.

Our goal is to provide customized solutions based on an energy and environmental perspective.

We work within the following areas:
• Project design
• Project management
• Inspection and checks
• Energy surveys/analyses/declarations
• Measurements
• Training/Education


Wikström VVS-kontrol, HVAC, green building



Hang Xing is Asias and Chinas first EU Green Building.
The office building in Beijing is designed by BCKJ Architects and Wikström VVSKontroll has made all calculationsneeded for EU Green Building.

Wikström VVS-Kontroll
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