Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA

Wilh. Wilhelmsen (WW) is a leading global maritime industry group. It offers logistics solutions and maritime services through a worldwide network embracing some 14 000 employees at just over 330 offices in roughly 70 countries. When joint ventures are included, the group employs 18 800 people at more than 450 offices in some 75 nations.

The WW group has an annual turnover of roughly USD 2.6 billion and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Founded on 1 October 1861 in Tønsberg, it now ranks among Norway’s most global enterprises. The head office at Lysaker outside Oslo is one of Norwegian centres for international maritime expertise.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASAShipping
WW conducts advanced industrial shipping activities and is market leader for the transport of rolling cargo. Together with its partners, the group controls 160 car and roll-on, roll-off carriers operating in a global network of trades. Its customers include the world’s leading manufacturers of cars as well as construction and agricultural machinery. On an annual basis, WW’s shipping companies transport 5.3 million cars by sea and 2.2 million by land. In addition come high and heavy and noncontainerised cargoes.

The group both owns and charters ships, which are deployed in the fleets operated by subsidiaries Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL), EUKOR Car Carriers and American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier.

In association with maritime transport, WW offers various types of logistics service on land – terminal and technical services, inland transport procurement and supply chain management. In addition to well-developed logistical services offered through WWL, the WW group has activities in Korea’s Glovis and the two US companies American Auto Logistics and American Logistics Network.

Maritime services
WW’s wholly-owned Wilhelmsen Maritime Services (WMS) subsidiary offers a broad range of products and services to a large proportion of the merchant fleet through a unique global network. WMS also offers services to the shipbuilding industry.

Ships can be served at roughly 2 200 ports in 115 countries through Wilhelmsen Ships Service, which has some 195 000 product deliveries to 20 000 vessels and handles more than 54 000 port calls a year.

Wilhelmsen Ship Management, the WMS crewing and management company, manages roughly 310 vessels and has a pool of 8 600 seagoing personnel.

WMS also embraces the Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment focusing on maritime systems and environmental solutions, while the newly established Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering is an independent supplier of electrical, automation and HVAC systems to the marine and offshore markets.

Expertise development
WW builds on a values-oriented management philosophy. Employees are offered varied opportunities to develop themselves and to contribute to the development of the group. The goal is to motivate the workforce and to ensure WW’s adaptability and market position. The group’s own educational institution, the WW Academy, is one of several development tools utilised in-house. It organises business-related programmes and management courses for multicultural groups of participants.

Social responsibility and innovation
Particular attention is focused in WW on social responsibility and developing innovative solutions based on its ambition to be the leading global supplier of maritime services and not least to be in the forefront of environmentally-adapted vessel operation.

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