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Reliable, flexible and competitive at sea

Wilson’s business concept is to offer Norwegian and European industry competitive, safe, reliable, flexible and long-term marine transport services. The company is utilizing its many vessels to cater for the customers’ transport requirements, giving them competitive solutions and great flexibility in covering their transportation needs. The industrial transport contracts are combined with spot cargoes in order to optimize sailing schedules and keeping ballast to a minimum.

Wilson’s business concept, virtually unchanged since the 1950s, is focused on business-to-business relations with major European industrial customers. Client relations date back to the 1950s and 1960s for many of the company’s core clients, and throughout the years new transportation systems have been developed together with several of these.

The core business is operation of short sea bulk vessels in the size 1,500 to 10,000 dwt, primarily in the name of Wilson EuroCarriers. In addition, Wilson offers liner services between Norway and the Continent through Norway-Rhine Line, self-discharger services through Bergen Shipping Chartering and container feeder services through Euro Container Line.

Major commodities transported are coal, fertilizers, fesil/ferro, aggregates, split, aluminium, steel, quartz, salt, grain and ore. The fleet has grown to about 110 vessels of which more than 80 vessels are owned.

The large number of vessels places Wilson among the largest shipping operators within the European short sea segment. The company is fully integrated with both the commercial division and technical/operational ship management in-house.

The company is currently engaged in two newbuilding projects totaling 16 vessels. The first project consists of eight vessels, each of about 8,300 dwt. Six of the vessels have already been delivered and the last two are scheduled for delivery end 2011. The second project also consists of eight vessels, each of about 4,500 dwt for delivery 2011-2012.

In addition to vessel investments, Wilson has also increased its presence in Europe over the years by investing in branch offices in Rotterdam, Duisburg, Hamburg, Murmansk, Tananger and Reykjavik.

The company remained private until 2005 when it was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the name of Wilson ASA (ticker code WILS).

Wilson remains focused on how to improve the service for our industrial customers in Norway and Europe, providing transportation of large bulk and parcel volumes. We emphasise that our conduct in meetings with clients is based on honesty and consistency. Our clients will know what they get when they do business with us.

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