Woolpower AB


Ullfrotté Original is the material developed by Woolpower AB in Östersund, Sweden, in the early 1970’s in collaboration with the Swedish military, scientists, doctors and survival experts.

This material, a blend of 2/3 fine merino wool and 1/3 of synthetic fiber has a unique terry knit structure with heat insulating loops that easily transport moister away from the skin. Ullfrotté Original has been developed to take the optimum advantages of the wool properties while reinforcing this otherwise quite delicate material with synthetic fiber for increased durability.

Wool has a natural ability to combat odour, but when the time comes the garments are washable at 60°C. Woolpower base- and midlayers, socks and accessories are used worldwide by Defence forces, Civilian Security, Professionals, Athletes and Outdoor Enthusiasts as well as others who want the opportunity to be outdoors, in different levels of activity, regardless weather conditions.



Chaufförvägen 29, 831 48 Östersund
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