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Xbrane Bioscience aims to take protein production in E. coli to the next level. By innovative titratable technology and world leading Know-How we enable our customers to produce their proteins in a controllable system, with higher yields and better quality.

The company was founded in early 2008 in order to commercialize innovations based on research made by Dr. Jan-Willem de Gier and Dr. Samuel Wagner at the Center for Biomembrane Research at the Arrhenius Laboratories at Stockholm University. Today the company also has an extensive collaboration with several universities. The company is situated in close proximity to Stockholm University providing access to renowned research expertise and infrastructure.

Protein production
The Biotechnology market is rapidly growing and proteins are an important component as e.g. therapeutics, industrial catalysts or as research reagents. The importance of proteins is driving companies to spend both time and money to identify the optimal protein production system for their protein of interest. E. coli is by far the most widely and successfully used host for the production of recombinant proteins. However, even when using this well-established protein production host, the production of many recombinant proteins is still cumbersome.

Xbrane optiXpress
Xbrane has developed superior, titratable and easy to use systems for the production of proteins in
E. coli. By combining this technology with our Know-How, Xbrane develops protein production strains for target proteins using the Xbrane optiXpress approach. Xbrane’s unique platforms in combination with optiXpress, ensures high success rates in shorter time for each project.

Xbrane’s Lemo System is a tunable protein production system that outperforms other systems in ability to produce membrane proteins and other difficult-to-produce proteins.

Xbrane’s Rhamex System has a unique mechanism resulting in uniform production and ability to produce larger amounts of host-toxic and properly folded (active) proteins compared to other systems.


Case study
A Eukaryotic Soluble Protein with accumulation of inclusion bodies in the cytoplasm with industry standard strain.


Construct is soluble when using Xbrane optiXpress approach, combining Xbrane technology with a tailor made strain. Besides getting a soluble product, the yield is increased by 100%.


Higher Yields and Better Quality – The Xbrane way

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