Xpress Biologics

Protein & DNA for pre-clinical applications

Xpress Biologics is a Contract Service Organization producing recombinant proteins, antibody fragments, biosimilars/biobetters and plasmids DNA for preclinical applications specific to the therapeutic and diagnostic markets (human & veterinary).

Our mission is to enable a cost-efficient transition of the projects from R&D to clinical manufacturing. The production scale and the quality of the biologics are adapted for in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical validation.

The production processes are all developed in microbial expression systems, mainly Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris.

Xpress Biologics is a One-Stop-Shop ensuring the following services:

• design of expression systems
• process development (upstream and downstream)
• development of quality controls
• formulation and stress studies
• production of R&D and GLP grades material
• management of pre-clinical trials
• management of GMP manufacturing

In addition to the production of recombinant proteins, Xpress Biologics has developed two specific platforms:


• A Pichia pastoris & Escherichia coli platform for the production of antibody fragments based on the reformatting of full-length antibodies in scFv, Fab, diabodies, minibodies…
• A high yield plasmid production platform that generates material for DNA vaccines or therapeutic applications.

All Xpress Biologics processes are license free and take into account the industrial and regulatory requirements which facilitate the later transfer of the projects to CMOs for the production of GMP grade material needed in clinical trials.


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