XSpray is improving some of the most important modern oral anti-cancer drugs – the protein kinase inhibitors (PKIs). XSpray’s hybrid nanoparticles can improve the solubility and bioavailability of even the most challenging drug substances.

xsprayThrough licensing deals and partnerships XSpray is able to increase the potential value of PKIs – whether it relates to the formulation of a new compound or the reformulation of an existing

Improved product profiles

So far XSpray have developed improved ‘HyNap™’ formulations for 10 of the marketed PKIs with their RightSize™ technology. In a Phase I clinical trial the HyNap formulation of nilotinib demonstrated significantly improved uptake and reduced food interaction, compared to previously reported data for the commercially available formulation of nilotinib. Results also showed comparable pharmacokinetics for 150 mg HyNap nilotinib compared to 400 mg currently marketed nilotinib.

These results confirm that RightSize technology has the potential to be a platform technology that also enables formulations to be optimized more quickly than with alternative technologies, helping reduce time to market.

PKIs – a challenging class of drugs
Protein Kinase Inhibitors are a breakthrough group of compounds, remarkably effective in treating diverse cancers that are highly resistant to conventional treatment.
There are 24 small molecule PKI anti-cancer products on the market, and more than 250 in clinical development.

However, they are very challenging to formulate, and today products with sub-optimal formulations are reaching the market. With so many PKIs in clinical development it is going to become increasingly important to demonstrate improved product profiles and patient outcomes. That means overcoming the problem of absorption variability to reduce risk and allow more efficient dosing regimens.

Find out more, and see a video presentation by CEO, Dr. Per Andersson, “The PKI development challenge and the XSpray solution” at www.xspray.com


“The PKI market is expected to see a staggering growth with the market anticipated
to reach USD 36 billion in 2018 and a CAGR of 8 to 9 % from 2012 to 2018.”
(Transparency Market Research)



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