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Xylophane offers renewable barrier materials to customers within the food packaging industry. The company provides a sustainable alternative to the barrier materials on the market today such as plastics from fossil raw materials and aluminium foil.

Xylophane AB food packagingSKALAXTM prolongs the shelf life of food
Xylophane’s barrier material SKALAXTM is based on renewable resources and constitutes an efficient barrier against oxygen, grease, aroma and toxic compounds from recycled cardboard. A thin layer of SKALAXTM in the packaging material can prolong the shelf life and reduce the risk of food contamination. Examples of suitable end-use include the packaging of oxygen sensitive dairy products, greasy snacks and pet foods, as well as aromatic products such as spices and coffee.

Based on renewable raw material
SKALAXTM consists of the natural carbohydrate xylan plus food contact approved additives to enable it to have customised properties for different areas of application. Xylan is one of the most abundant naturally occurring carbohydrates, but despite this fact it has not been used for industrial applications until now. Xylan can be isolated from agricultural by-products such as cereal hulls and husks and the barrier material is therefore not based on feedstock that is competing with food production.

Preparing for volume production and commercialisation
Xylophane is a green chemical company located in Bohus in Western Sweden. The company was formed in 2004 as a spin-off from a research project at the Chalmers University of Technology. Today the company has a pilot plant for the extraction of xylan from cereal husks. The barrier material has been developed in close cooperation with customers within the packaging and food industry and Xylophane is now preparing to up-scale the production process to volume production.

Xylophane AB food packaging

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