Zelmic AB

Zelmic is a pharmaceutical contract research organization with the ability to take projects from start to clinical testing including transfer to a commercial manufacturing unit at low cost and high speed. We are focused on topical delivery and on local delivery of proteins and peptides.

In the development process we use in vitro techniques of various types in order to increase the success ratio of the project and to decrease time and costs. We have extensive experience regarding penetration of drugs into and through skin as well as distribution of drugs in tissue. We use both static and dynamic methods and the results may be used as evidence for effect of drug products as well as of medical devices.

Zelmic has long experience of running pharmaceutical projects and we can therefore contribute to the success of your project by working with your organization.

We perform analytical development in the form of development of assay methods for actives and excipients including peptides and proteins well as development and validation of stability indicating methods.

The pharmaceutical work includes formulation work, stability screening and transfer to a CMO. We do studies of drug delivery and the results can be used for selection of product candidates or for registration of generic products, provided the active is already on the market.

We can provide expert advice regarding optimization of drug development process in order to quickly reach pre-clinical testing or proof of concept studies of biological nature. We can also offer valuation of projects and generation of project plans for investment decisions.

Zelmic is a privately held limited company and has no marketing facility and no intention to market products.

Zelmic AB
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