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Zinkgruvan Mining AB, metal mineMines in Sweden are primarily located in the north, with only a few significant exceptions, such as Zinkgruvan, the southernmost base metal mine in Sweden. In addition to its unique geographic location, it is one of the country´s oldest mines. The area where the modern mine is located has been subject to small-scale mining for hundreds of years, and the mine as it stands today has been in operation for 156 years.

The Mine
Zinkgruvan is an underground mine, 1,100 meters deep, with surface access via three shafts and a daylight ramp. The mining methods employed are drift, benching, and panel stoping. The mine has been in production since 1857. In 2012 the output was roughly 1.2 million tons of ore, an all-time high.

Zinkgruvan Mining is committed to ensuring exemplary workplace safety for all employees. Safety inspections, safety drills, accident prevention, risk assessment, and training are enforced continously to create a culture of safety.

Zinkgruvan Mining strives to reduce the environmental impact from the operation. Emissions and interference are controlled through measuring and sampling, such as soil and water sampling at several different points in the surrounding area.

The Future of Zinkgruvan
Zinkgruvan is in the process of seeking environmental authorization to continue its operation. Also, as the mine gets deeper and deeper, new processes are developed to maximize production. Zinkgruvan strives to work closely with the local community and government agencies. Zinc production in 2013 is expected be in line with 2012 and grow in 2014 and 2015 reflecting potential new investment in the front end of the plant to modernize and increase total site processing capacity to approximately 1.5 million tons of ore per annum.

Zinkgruvan Mining AB early pioners

It started more than a hundred years ago…When Belgium-based mining company Vieille Montagne purchased the Zinkgruvan area in 1857, foreign engineers and builders flooded into the area, and forever transformed what is now a small community and a modern mine. New owners now shape the future of Zinkgruvan, but the legacy of those early pioneers still remains in the community of Zinkgruvan in the form of Belgian-styled houses, and descendants bearing exotic-sounding last names still living and working for the mine.

Zinkgruvan is a zinc, lead, silver, and copper mine in central Sweden. Since 2004, it´s been a member of the Lundin Mining Group, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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