ZuLa Diagnostics AB

ZULA Diagnostics AB, a company located in Täby, Sweden, has the most promising innovation based on unique new substances, arginine derivatives, for research collaboration, project partnering and out-licensing.

More than 25 years of intensive research on the human protein Cystatin C, including identification of its biological active site has lead to production of a large number of small (<600 Dalton) synthetic substances having unique properties suitable for use in cosmetic products, medical device and for pharmaceutical development.

ZULA have potent Antibiotic and Antiviral drug candidates based on the elucidation of the structure of the active site of a human protein, Cystatin C.

The mechanism is different compared to all currently available antibiotics, since bacterial strains resistant against all presently available antibiotics still are killed.

Some of our substances show antiviral capability to inhibit the replication of both DNA virus e.g. Herpes simplex and RNA virus e.g. Polio.

We are seeking financial partners for the development and testing of these drug candidates.

ZULA provides high throughput proteomics analyses of clinical samples, first of all blood plasma.

By fast and accurate profiling the relative concentrations of abundant proteins, stratification of patients is performed that is predictive of the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) as well as other severe diseases.

Unlike our competitors who search for (often elusive and sometimes non-existent) “golden” molecules uniquely identifying disease status, our approach is to utilize easily accessible information coded in small variations of the levels of abundant proteins. This approach is fast, requires minute amounts of sample, and is potentially scalable to be incorporated in the high-throughput blood analysis pipeline of major hospital centers.

ZULA conducts research related to the action mechanism of novel as well as known anticancer and antibacterial agents. Rapid “in-silico” mechanism prediction algorithm is used to forecast the best complementary drugs for known anticancer agents.

ZULA will initially explore the unique properties of one of the substances in a new cosmetic product, a Lip Balm, for skin and lips in bad condition.

With a special formulation containing exclusive Swedish and Nordic natural ingredients together with Arginine derivative A20, we plan to market our product as a “Swedish Magic Cream”.

ZuLa Diagnostics AB
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