Implenia Norge AS


Implenia is one of the leading suppliers of underground structures in Scandinavia, and came in second in the 2015 tunnel statistics from Norwegian Tunneling Society (NFF). We have unique levels of expertise and experience in the construction of both traffic and railroad tunnels as well as power plants.

Implenia is proficient in all modern tunnel construction methods. In Scandinavia we are experts on the drill and blast technique, while our mother company Implenia AG has extensive knowledge and experience from TBM drilling.

At the moment we are working on some of the largest tunnel projects in Scandinavia such as the new hydro-electric power plant Lysebotn II, for Lyse Produksjon. This is one of Norway’s largest hydro-electric power plant projects. We are also working on the “K11 Svegatjørn – Rådal – Flyplassvegen” project in Bergen where we are constructing the Rå and Sørås tunnels.

They have a cross-section of T9,5 to T27 and the total length of the tunnels will be 7 km including a traffic system that connects the two tunnels.

Implenia is also working its way up in the Swedish market where we signed a major infrastructure order in Stockholm, the “FSE 403 Bergtunnlar Johannelund”. The contract for FSE 403, which is one of six major tunnel contracts in the project E4 Förbifart Stockhom, includes 7.2 km of a three-lane main tunnel, two entry and exit ramps, three access tunnels, several cross tunnels, four electric power stations and six ramp connections.

Successfully building tunnels for rail and road traffic to improve quality of life for communities requires a combination of experience and know-how using modern technology with respect for health and safety, as well as the environment and sustainable development. This has been and remains one of Implenias main investment focuses and an area in which the company has exceptional expertise and vast experience.



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