ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd.

ACUTRONIC is the world leader in the development, design and manufacture of precision motion simulators for the aeronautics, space, defense, automotive and consumer industries.
ACUTRONIC has a core range of motion simulators from one-axis, two-axis and three-axis simulators for flight motion profiling as well as three and five-axis simulators for Hardware-In-The-Loop testing. We also offer specific solutions based on customers’ unique requirements.
ACUTRONIC employs over 120 people and has design and production facilities in Bubikon and Olten, Switzerland and Pittsburgh (PA), USA. We have a global presence with customers on all continents and local customer support in a number of countries.
ACUTRONIC (founded 1973) is a family-owned company with a proud heritage stretching back from the early days of the motion simulator industry through Fecker Systems (founded 1920), The Goerz Optical Company (founded 1905), Contraves Goerz Corporation (founded 1967), Benton (founded 1975) and CARCO Electronics (founded 1961).


The defense market’s requirement for inertial sensors, and hence motion simulators, continues to grow with a diverse range of applications. Armed forces continue to demand higher performance from Inertial Navigation Systems (air, land and sea) but also need lower-cost sensors suitable for precision munitions (guided rockets, artillery rounds, etc.) Development, testing, calibration, and servicing of such systems can be accomplished using ACUTRONIC Inertial Guidance Testing Systems (IGTS) that are able to realistically simulate motions in up to three axes simultaneously. Such systems are also suitable for testing of optronic equipment (EOTS), such as pointing devices.

The use of HardWare-In-the-Loop (HWIL) motion simulators during development programs can help reduce time and cost, by minimizing the number of field trials required. The ACUTRONIC portfolio of products suitable for that purpose includes motion simulators with up to five axes. This provides target simulation in two axes, plus three-degrees-of-freedom motion simulation for the unit under test. Further products adapted to this purpose are Target Motion Simulators (TMS) or Dual Target Motion Simulators (DTMS).

Within the maritime industry there is an increased demand for dynamic positioning, navigation and automation for merchant ships, offshore installations and underwater remotely operated vehicles. ACUTRONIC test equipment enables maritime engineers to meet this demand by simulating roll, pitch, yaw and heave motion during the development and production of marine inertial sensors.




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