Adveto Advanced Technology AB

ADVETO Advanced Technology AB is the only Swedish ECDIS manufacturer and a pioneer in Electronic navigation.
Adveto has developed software for navigation since the mid-eighties. Datanav was developed for demanding operators. The system was also used to produce the electronic charts for electronic navigation in the beginning.

AECDIS-2000 was the system to use when electronic Charts became available. The system was developed for professional navigators. One group of the demanding users is the Ferry traffic in the Stockholm archipelago where high precision in navigation is required. The Adveto software has been the favourite for workboats, passenger vessels on steady routes, and for tugs and survey vessel where the work demands a high quality navigation system where ease of operation is appreciated. The user interface was a very important factor when Adveto became a standard for the Swedish Pilot vessels.


Together with the manufacturer and the Swedish National Maritime Administration AECDIS-2000 was important in testing of the AIS system when it was being developed. Today AIS is installed on all ships. ECDIS/ECS-4000, the latest version of our software was developed to become a fully Approved ECDIS. The intuitive operator interface together with a Control Unit makes Adveto the perfect system when your requirements are high demanding in both precision and functionality. Official electronic Charts are available today. Adveto developed an online function so that the charts can be downloaded and updated from PRIMAR directly into the ECDIS onboard. This is highly appreciated by our users. Whenever you need a comprehensive and easy to use navigation system, ECDIS or ECS, please contact Adveto to discuss your requirement and give us an opportunity to show you what we can offer your vessel.





Key personnel

Peter Nilsson
Managing Director
Tel.: +46 705 860 574

Dockgatan 58, SE-261 35 Landskrona, Sweden
+46 80 366 905