AlfaTest AB

Specialized Inspectors

AlfaTest’s team of qualified inspectors specialize in Hull Inspection for the heavy Marine industry. We combine Class Approved Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) with detailed ballast tank inspection (TCA) and reporting. Certified by IACS approved Classification Societies – LR, DNVGL, BV, ABS and RINA; as well as the world’s two leading corrosion prevention organizations – FROSIO and NACE; AlfaTest personnel are trained to carry out detailed on board inspections professionally. We work closely with the owner’s Technical Departments, offering valuable assistance with the navigation of the processes of Special, Renewal and Intermediate Surveys.

Our easy-to-read reports provide enough clear, detailed information to enable our customers to plan.

UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement)
Being a good UTM company requires expertise in Ultrasonic Testing, steel inspections, ship construction and a thorough understanding of IACS repair and survey rules. Being the best UTM company however, takes that and quite a bit more, as general manager Mark Denny explains. “Our company has been customer driven since its beginning in 2004. We identified very early that in most cases superintendents work under enormous pressures, often with near impossible schedules and severe financial restraints. Our mission is to help relieve them of some of these pressures”.

TCA Program (Tank Condition Assessment)
Among our team we have both FROSIO and NACE certified Coating Inspectors. While on board and in the ballast tanks, it makes sense that our inspectors are not only skilled with steel construction and UTM, but also with piping systems, sounding systems, cathodic protection and Coating Determination. We are 3rd party and have no vested or conflict of interests and we take pride in our work which is to inspect, identify, suggest remedies and provide follow up services where necessary.NDT (Nondestructive Testing)
AlfaTest is accredited by DNVGL (CP-0484), SWEDAC (ISO/IEC 17025) and RINA to use six certified methods of NDT – VT (Visual Testing), UT (Ultrasonic Testing), MT (Magnetic Testing), PT (Penetrant Testing), ET (Edd Current Testing), RT (Radiographic Testing).

Owner Representation
– New Building, Refurbishment and Repair

AlfaTest can add a valuable level of expertise to your site team. Steel and coating inspectors who know the rules, the tricks and the best way to move forward through the processes. We work with the shipyards and not against, all towards a common goal of a quality end product, on price, on time.

Rope Access
AlfaTest is also accredited by IRATA for Rope Access. Climbers can effectively reach areas that might otherwise need expensive staging or lifts.

1. Planning
Crucial to a smooth and cost-effective process, we take planning seriously and exchange all relevant information with ship and technical departments before going on board.

2. Execution
Professional, skilled inspectors work methodically through the agreed scope of works and always in cooperation with officers, ship’s routine and charter.

3. Reporting
It is critical that official Class reports are correctly presented and submitted on time. It is equally critical that “owner only” reports are clear, concise, easily understood, and that they contain all relevant information needed to establish a complete scope of works for the next planned repair period.

4. Follow Through
The key to ensuring a professional repair is supervision at the dockyard. Alfatest can act on the owner’s behalf to ensure all repairs are carried out in accordance with IACS rules and at the agreed price. This means that the superintendent’s valuable time can be then allocated to the other important jobs going on simultaneously during a docking. Upon completion, repairs are calculated to the Kg.

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