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Alfsen og Gunderson AS has since the 1960’s, supplied the maritime sector with air dryers (Dehumidifiers) based on sorption technology. We also deliver cooling systems and brake resistors, oil demisters, water treatment plants and pump systems.


Tank dryers for chemical tankers
AG-S tank dryers are designed for installation on chemical tankers for efficient drying of tanks after cleaning, resulting in reduced lay-time. Made of corrosion-resistant materials, AG-S tank dryers are delivered with airflows from 2,000 m3/h to 20,000 m3/h, and with fan pressures, regeneration medium and other parameters based on customer requirements.

Cargo hold dehumidifiers
Dry cargo are particularly vulnerable to damage from moisture. For example, when shipping newsprint from cold to warm climates, cargo temperature can “lag behind” and humid air from the outside can cause condensation in cargo holds, thus damaging the cargo. The same problem can result from differences in daytime and nighttime temperatures. Designed to control and monitor the air humidity in cargo holds, AG’s cargo hold dehumidifier system ensure that cargo arrives dry and undamaged.

Drying during surface treatment
Alfsen og Gunderson AS supply mobile heavy duty, high quality dehumidifier, either as container units or with a robust frame. They are used during surface treatment jobs at yards, and also in ballast tanks etc. at sea. Dry conditions are achieved and the job can be performed more efficient and with a long lasting quality of the surface protection.

Dehumidifiers instead of coating in cofferdams / voids
AG install dehumidifiers in void spaces, cofferdams, thruster rooms and fore peak stores. This is completely replacing corrosion protective coating systems inside. The results are safe and easy monitored corrosion protection, and substantial cost reductions.

ATEX dehumidifiers:
Alfsen og Gunderson AS also deliver ATEX dehumidifiers for hazardous areas zone 1 and 2.

Alfsen og Gunderson AS

Ex dehumidifier installed on Adriatic LNG


Lay-up of rigs and ships
Alfsen og Gunderson AS supply total solutions for lay-up of rigs and ships. Reliable dehumidifiers that function at all temperatures and provide controlled humidity. Dry air preservation is the best solution and can protect most rooms and equipment on a rig or ship. It protects all steel, machinery, electronics, textiles etc. from humidity damages such as corrosion and mold growth.

Other products:
· Cooling systems for VFD,
battery bank and condenser cooling
· Oil Demisters
· Water treatment equipment
· Pump Systems



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