Alfsen og Gunderson AS

AlfsenGunderson1Pumps and pump systems:
Alfsen og Gunderson AS delivers pumps and pump systems for all offshore applications including API 610, 674, 675 and 676 pumps. We specialize in chemical injection packages, injection panels and tank systems according to NORSOK and different customer spec’s.





AlfsenGunderson2Time and money saved with dehumidifier systems from Alfsen og Gunderson
Alfsen og Gunderson deliver ATEX approved dehumidifier systems for both zone 1 and 2.  10ft and 20 ft ATEX container-dehumidifiers acc. to NORSOK Z-015 are delivered to for example Bilfinger Industrier and Linjebygg Offshore.  With dehumidifiers, surface treatment jobs can be performed independent of weather conditions, and with improved quality and lifetime of the surface treatment system.

Alfsen og Gunderson AS introduced in 2015 also a smaller ATEX approved dehumidifier, delivered to EKOB 2/4 (Conoco Phillips), and installed to keep tanks and voids dry and protected from condensation and corrosion attacks.

Alfsen og Gunderson AS supply ATEX dehumidifiers with dry air flows from 500 m3/h to 12.000 m3/h.

Rig or ship in Lay-Up?  Dry air is the best preservation method and also the one with the lowest cost! Alfsen og Gunderson AS deliver dehumidifiers and also total preservation solutions for lay-up of rigs and ships.

AlfsenGunderson3Watertreatment Systems for offshore use
The potable water systems on Statfjord B and C, Gullfaks C, Snorre A, Gjøa, Gudrun, Oseberg A and C amongst others all have Watertreatment systems from Alfsen og Gunderson. Prefilters, UV-sterilizers and Hypochlorite dosing systems are made according to Norsok and guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

• Taylor made solutions to fit limited available space
• ATEX approved and certified UV-sterilizers

We have focus on simple operation, minimum maintenance and lowest possible operational cost. Our systems can be delivered with insulation panels to prevent freezing and we can design systems mounted in containers.

Alfsen og Gunderson has comprehensive skills and experience in:
• Design / Construction
• FEM analysis / Structural analysis
• Fabrication & assembly
• Document control


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