Atlas Copco Anlegg- og Gruveteknikk AS


Atlas Copco Anlegg- og Gruveteknikk AS

Atlas Copco provides equipment for drilling and rock excavation and a complete range of
related consumables. The products and professional services we offer increase customers
productivity and competitiveness while benefiting society and minimizing the environmental
impact. We call it sustainable productivity. We have customers located all over the world. To
them, we are a local company; at the same time, the Atlas Copco Group is a global enterprise
with worldwide resources. Our products and services focus on productivity, energy efficiency,
safety and ergonomics. We add value wherever we do business.


Add value to you underground operation

Atlas Copco produces a wide range of machinery for different underground operations from mining to tunneling. Innovation is a priority for Atlas Copco to ensure high productivity and low running costs. Safety and usability, both for the operator and service people, are always in focus when we develop our products. The range consists of tunneling drill rigs, spraying rigs, loaders and trucks, raise bore machines, and ventilation fans.

We always believe it’s a better way

We take care of all products sold by us and offer a wide range of service products like remote monitoring, exchange components and upgrades. Atlas Copco has different options of service agreement based on the availability that is required for customer operations. We offer various training and certification programs to operators and service personnel. We always put safety first, and make sure that our employees are updated with the latest information regarding your equipment.

When SMART means easy and efficient

Atlas Copco has the widest range of surface drilling equipment on the market and can offer equipment for drilling holes from 23 mm up to 400 mm. Performance, quality and efficiency are the leading words which enables outstanding production in the most demanding conditions within the mining, quarrying and construction industry.

Welcome to an unbeatable drill string

Secoroc Magnum SR and Secoroc TC are our unique, patented, conical, threaded systems for underground drilling. It gives straighter holes and a much longer service life. For surface drilling Powerbit, our all-new tophammer bit range gives you a drill bit that both lasts longer and has longer intervals between grinding. Atlas Copco also offer experts on site to help our customers to optimize their production.

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