Barracuda was established in 1992 based on the “quality – sufficiency – reliability” value schemes that inspire our practices and implements our vision.

Our activities include the construction of very high quality inflatable boats and other inflatable-polyester products such as rafts, floating platforms, helicopter pontoons, inflatable fenders, lifting bags etc.

Apart from the incomparable quality that accompanies our products, our customers have the opportunity to choose from our full range of inflatable boats (2.0 m to 10.0 m) or even longer which can be custom made according to their personal needs.

Since its establishment Barracuda Company has been servicing its customers in Greece and abroad by constructing inflatable with military specifications.

They are handmade using the best materials sourced from around the world.

Barracuda boats have built a strong and powerful reputation and presence over the years, having met sophisticated boater demand for safety, durability and reliability in the open sea.

Our boats are carefully designed and tailored for demanding lovers of long, comfortable, smooth and dry water missions.

Barracuda boats provide extraordinary navigation in the roughest sea conditions and have an extra deep V  hull, for maximum storage capacity and an epoxy fuel tank with anti-explosive protection.

Indicative of the quality of our constructions is that the air chambers do not need air replenishment for at least four years. The Barracuda products undergo an extensive and detailed quality control throughout all stages of production so the final products comply with the most stringent customer specifications and demands.

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22 Irinis Avenue, Tavros, Athens 177 78, Greece
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