Benarx Solutions AS


Benarx Solutions designs, produces and delivers advanced high-tech insulation products for the global Oil & Gas industry. Born in the harsh conditions of the Norwegian Continental Shelf environment, we understand that high quality is an absolute demand. At Benarx Solutions we are proud to have a 10 year track record of delivering solutions to some of the most challenging offshore platforms, large scale downstream facilities, new build international top side projects and sub-sea developments.

Innovative Products
Our products and services have been developed to respond to the quality demands and industry dynamics of the Oil & Gas sector — from the environmental conditions, savings in installation time and life cycle cost. We offer a wide range of fit for purpose insulation materials and accessories to specialized passive fire protection solutions.
We can meet the demands of every project; ranging from material delivery, combined with technical
engineering and management assistance, to full project implementation
The importance of short installation time

The insulation discipline are too often neglected in the early stages of many new-build Oil & Gas projects, being one of the last activities in the construction and commissioning project. The insulation may not account for a large portion of the project cost, but it has been proven in many projects that mistakes and delays during this phase can have significant negative impact later in the life time of the facility. Delays during the construction phases are usual in all large scale projects, but they all have one effect in common; the time allocated to the final services, like insulation, unfortunately gets shorter and shorter as projects gets closer to the contracted completion date.

High quality pre-fabricated products that saves time during construction, results in improved completion grade at sail-away from the construction site. The prefabricated design of Benarx Solutions products reduces quality variations, and combined with good engineering secures a long life time of the delivered products with the lowest live cycle cost.

At Benarx Solutions we have an extensive pool of in-house engineering resources, with leading knowhow of insulation for the Oil&Gas sector. We assist in the early phases of major projects, as well as working out detailed engineering and implementation solutions for project implementations.

The creative eye of an experienced design engineer can facilitate more effective solutions and the understanding the potential asset integrity risks that for instance CUI might cause, are essential in designing solutions that can be trusted over time, ultimately reducing longer term maintenance cost for owners.


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