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In the early years of the millennium, Bergans of Norway continues to be an important partner for the Norwegian Armed Forces. The company also delivers to other countries’ armed forces, special command units and anti-terror forces/police units all over the western world. Products include field uniforms, backpacks, sleeping bags, vests, tents and other special-purpose clothing and equipment. The Norwegian Armed Forces began using Bergans backpacks in 1913. Testing on Arctic expeditions helped further development of the products. Polar explorers such as Roald Amundsen, Lincoln Ellsworth and General Bruce from the Mount Everest expedition used Bergans backpacks.

In 2013 Bergans signed a new contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces and became the largest supplier of backpacks in defense use. Bergans will according to contract deliver 25,000 backpacks of the type Anatomic Military backpack M12 in 2013. The new M12 backpack is specially made for the Norwegian Armed Forces, a tough pack for heavy use in any situation. An adjustable carrying system keeps comfort high, even under heavy loads. Expandable side pockets convert to form a daypack. Top, front and bottom entry lets you grab gear fast. And the MOLLE compatible PALS webbing grid gives you total attachment flexibility. The backpack is developed with a fabric that is not visible with infrared optics.


Bergans’ philosophy has always been to use highquality functional materials in all its products. The company is enganged in continuous product development and its testing to keep it in the vanguard of development with a view to both backpacks and funcional clothing. To ensure optimal anatomical carrying systems, Bergans’ product development team also includes physicians, physiotherapists and ergonomists. The company also co-operates closely with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

In addition, considerable importance is placed on feedback from users. “Ordinary” men and women, aswell as “extreme users“ on climbing expeditions or operating under extreme conditions, help shape the range and high quality of Bergans’ products. Statements made by famous polar explorers, such as Roald Amundsen made Bergans backpacks world famous. These days, the name Bergans is synonymous with backpack in the English speaking part of the world.


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