Brødrene Dahl AS

Brødrene Dahl is a Norwegian wholesaler with more than 50 outlets located all over Norway. BD supplies all types of piping materials such as, pipes, fittings, valves actuators, valve control systems etc. In addition to be a large supplier to the Norwegian shipyards, BD also exports materials to many foreign markets. The strength of BD is the large range of products in stock and the excellent logistics. BD has a skilled staff of specialists, which can assist the customer with finding the right material for their applications.
Maritime Industry
The BD Marine division in BD works closely with many Norwegian ship builders and ship owners. It is the largest company in this field in Norway and supplies most of the shipyards in Norway with pipes, fittings, valves,
actuators and valve control systems. The products can be delivered in different type of material qualities, i.e. carbon steel, stainless steel or copper nickel.

If a ship is repaired or constructed in countries where sourcing correctly classified materials can be a challenge, BD Marine can assist with standards and material qualities for immediate deliveries. (BD Marine does only deliver materials from manufacturers approved by the major classification companies).

Anywhere across the globe
The head office of BD Marine is located in Ålesund, as a part of the maritime cluster on the West Coast of Norway. The company’s central warehouse is located in Oslo, and in Ålesund BD has a stock of goods especially dedicated for the maritime industry. In addition, the company has four warehouses located in Romania, two in Tulcea, one Constanta and one in Braila to take care of the local yards and other industrial customers.

In 2009 BD also opened a warehouse in Vung Tau in Vietnam for the Vietnamese market. BD also supplies their products to ship owners when repair jobs must be done, anywhere across the globe.

BD’s Industrial & Shipbuilding catalogue can be found on its website – – and this catalouge has been described by users as “the bible in sourcing the correct materials for shipbuilding and repair.” Although today many believe that electronic access is the only solution, BD is also aware that many customers prefer the printed copy of the catalogue.

P.O.Box 6146 Etterstad, NO-0602 Oslo
+47 22 72 55 00
+47 22 65 78 60