Over the years BRP have, together with Norways and Europes market leading snowmobile brand Lynx, maintained a steady partnership with the Norwegian Armed Forces. BRP is the armys preferred partner in snowmobiles. A close relation to the developers and manufacturers of Lynx in Rovaniemi, Finland ensures the vehicles’ adaption to its designated purpose.

BRP Rovaniemi has also been the main base for the development of Can-Am’s real 6×6 wheeler; Can-Am Outlander 1000 XT 6×6 T3. Extreme mobility combined with impressive, driver friendly features, makes the new Can-Am Outlander 6×6 XT T3 one of the most effective all-terrain vehicles on the market.‘The market in Norway and the Nordic region has a strong focus on utility ATV’s and we have been dreaming of a reliable workhorse on six wheels for a long time. Now our wish has been fulfilled,’ says head of ATV’s at BRP Norway, Tommen Klevstad.

The super powered 1000 CU engine onboard the Outlander 6×6 is the strongest in the industry and is produced by the BRP company Rotax.

Tough requirements
There were some very special requirements when it came to designing the new six-wheeler. The basic brief included high torque for optimal traction, a rigid chassis for driving with heavy loads, good adjustability for shock absorption, easy to drive, high levels of safety on steep hills, straightforward maintenance, and an attractive design.

Extreme load capacity
Compared with a traditional four-wheeler, there are two advantages to the six-wheeler that are crucial for anyone involved in work in forests, open land, and in the mountains. The ability to get around is significantly better when operation is on six wheels pulling the machine forwards. In addition, the load capacity is in a class of its own. The total load capacity on the Outlander 6×6 is 363 kilos. In addition, it can tow up to 750 kilos.

The Can-Am Outlander 6×6 1000 XT T3 is a hyper modern ATV with everything that a user of such work machinery expects to be included. A winch at the front comes as standard – in addition, it can also be delivered with a winch at the rear as an optional extra. 26 inch tyres with a coarse tread ensure excellent grip to the underlying surface. Combined with the best engine braking on the market, this provides exceptionally good control on steep hills.

Xtrim Commander 800R E-Tec
The Xtrim™ Commander® 800R E-TEC® is a snowmobile that makes possible the impossible and delivers an indescribable driving experience. The belt and the powerful engine provide unrivalled traction and load capacity. Thanks to its powerful engine, driving in deep snow is easier than ever and the snowmobile’s climbing abilities are better than you find in many so called mountain snowmobiles.The focus on the bogie and handling has also made the Xtrim Commander 800R E-TEC into a very comfortable snowmobile for touring. The relaxed riding position and the engine’s cultured, yet powerful nature delivers its share of comfort when out on the trail. A two-speed gearbox and front radiator make the Commander into a very versatile snowmobile, whether or not you are driving slowly on tricky terrain. The low gear guarantees power and traction in any situation. 69 Yeti Army 600 E-Tec
Great development steps can only succeed if you sometimes take steps to an unknown direction. The Lynx 69 YETI ARMY is something that would never have been born, if we had done everything just like in the past.The word “ARMY” in the name of this snowmobile with a 600-mm super wide track is not there just to give the sled a more macho image. This snowmobile was originally designed with military use in mind, and for this reason, it was built and equipped to manage on its own in all conditions. Its equipment includes a powerful 30 Ah battery and a manual starter just in case that the battery still runs out of charge.

The first look is enough to give you the idea of what this snowmobile is about. It is equipped with a track that is 3,968 mm long and 600 mm wide, and Blade skis equipped with asymmetric ski liners. These solutions result in an extremely low ground pressure, allowing the 69 YETI ARMY to travel on the surface of snow. The characteristics of the super wide track and the two-speed gearbox are familiar Lynx features all the way from the 1970s. All this results in a snowmobile that is almost completely unaffected by changes in conditions.

At the same time, the 69 YETI ARMY represents something completely new and the most traditional features of the Lynx utility sleds. It is a snowmobile that travels in soft snow impressively, and surprises with its comfortable riding characteristics.

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