Brunvoll AS

Brunvoll AS


Brunvoll AS has more than 100 years of experience in marine propulsion and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thruster systems.

The company has delivered and installed over 8000 thrusters on more than 3000 ships including fishing craft, ro-ro ships, cruise ships, tugs, offshore support ships and vessels for dynamic positioning.

Azimuth Thrusters
Brunvoll azimuth thrusters provide main or auxiliary, inboard or out board propulsion and manoeuvring with 360° turn, using controllable or fixedpitch propellers.

Drive & Control Systems
The company offers complete drive and control systems individually tailored to each vessel. As a total system supplier, Brunvoll has full knowledge of all components in the installation. Thus, service and support can be obtained from a single responsible supplier.

Brunvoll conventional tunnel thrusters are available from 100 kW to 3500 kW with controllable or fixedpitch propellers. The company offers noise suppression technology for tunnel thrusters which results in noise reductions of 12–15 dB(A)

1. Brunvoll Rim Driven Thruster (RDT)
200 – 900 kW
2. Brunvoll Tunnel Thruster
75 – 3500kW
3. Brunvoll Retractable Azimuth Thruster
500 – 3000kW

Brunvoll AS
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