Clean Marine AS

“Made by ship owners, for ship owners”

Clean Marine AS is one of the leading scrubber suppliers in the world and have had a very rapid increase in orders the past years. Clean Marine has provided market leading technology since it was founded in 2006. Clean Marine AS are pioneers within the scrubber industry and had the first vessel with scrubber fully certified and approved in USA waters.

The technology are made by ship owners for ship owners. The system works on the principal of the shipping fleet, enabling the use of HFO at all times, everywhere, including emission controlled areas and no discharge zones with guaranteed zero back pressure into the machinery. This applies to all exhaust sources, including
boilers. These are crucial factors for owners considering installing scrubbers, specifically regarding tankers, as boilers produce three times more sulfates (SOx) than the main engine, and are particularly sensitive to back pressure.

Clean Marine delivers all types of systems, from a simple open loop to a full all stream hybrid, which gives the owner the highest degree of flexibility for the future. The use of a manifold to collect all exhaust sources into the scrubber is another unique solution, easing the installation process as the scrubber in many
cases could be pre-fabricated and lifted onboard the vessel in one piece.

“Proof of quality, customers who repeat’s their orders after years of testing” Clean Marine have contracts for exhaust gas cleaning systems with many major yards, owners and oil companies. Ranging from reefers, bulkers to tankers; all the way from small chemical tankers to VLCCs. Year to date Clean Marine have signed contracts for more than 130 vessels.

Most importantly, the contracts include customers who have run and tested the systems for many years.

CleanSOx Compact

“ONE scrubber, all sources, fits all types of vessels”
“ONE fuel, all waters and everywhere, all the time”


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