Clear Flight Solutions

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Clear Flight Solutions (CFS) is a young company, specializing in several fields: bird control, industrial and ecological inspections and surveys. With the combined use of our unique Robirds, drones, and other exciting new technologies, we offer an unmatched level of effectiveness in all fields. We are located in the Netherlands, but operate worldwide.

We combine expert knowledge of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with extensive sensor expertise. Varying situations require different solutions. We develop several unique functional platforms. Whether the situation requires a robotic bird of prey for bird control or a stable multicopter with thermal imagery for wildlife preservation, Clear Flight Solutions provides a working solution.

From unmanned balloons in Venice in the 1800’s to high tech aircraft looking for fawns in modern times; the history and development of drones and their applications are fascinating. At Clear Flight Solutions we have a small fleet of robotic birds of prey, customizable multicopter drones and unobtrusive bird-like drones for bird control, ecological assessments and inspection.
Bird Control
Airports, harbours, agricultural- and waste management sites are places where birds are neither safe nor welcome. The only effective and lasting way to remove birds is by introducing a natural enemy and creating a system surrounding this predator. Our Robirds look and fly like real birds of prey. They are flapping wing robotic birds of prey that not only have the silhouette of but also fly and behave like a predator. Their presence triggers the instinctive behaviour of other birds and is therefore highly effective in bird control. Our Robirds are equipped with state of the art technology to ensure safe operations, and our pilots are highly skilled and trained at working safely and responsibly.
Inspection and surveying
Wildlife preservation, monitoring of hazardous environ-ments, inspection of industrial sites; all these operations can safely be performed by using drones. Because each project is unique, we will pick the drone that best fits your needs and customize it if necessary. For an industrial inspection we will focus on fitting a stable platform with the best possible cameras (HD, infrared or multispectral) to obtain the best results. But if we are doing an ecological assessment and are looking for nest areas of wader birds, we will focus on using quiet and unobtrusive drones that fit right into nature so that the birds will not be disturbed.
Institutenweg 25 , 7521 PH Enschede, The Netherlands