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Supportability Engineering & Training

Develop ‘Optimal’ Support Solutions that will help our Armed Forces to combat evolving and increasing levels of threat even when budgets are reduced.

Effective support engineering forms a key element of our strategy for addressing operational and  nancial pressures: a support engineering programme incorporates systems engineering principles, applies evolutionary development concepts, has a balance of innovation and pragmatism, utilises complex systems and complex process optimisation methodologies, and delivers an optimal Support Solution.

A Support Solution founded on an optimal maintenance concept, high calibre, cost e ective technical publications, with coherent training and supply systems with optimal resource levels; balanced, resilient,  exible, adaptable and sustainable.




 The Challenge:
UK Aircra on operational deployment were achieving considerably less  ying hours than those achieved by a civil operator of the same platform who were using very limited resources and whose aircra exhibited no degradation in maintenance standards.  The differences in hours achieved and effort expended suggested that there was significant potential for improving the performance of the UK Chinook Force.

Aspîre and Condesign – working together to provide a dynamic, world class Support Engineering Capability in the Scandinavian market: the best people, Systems Engineering based methods, supported by the best tools.
Analyse – Optimise – Deliver

The Solution:
A strategic level, ‘blue sky thinking’, operational effectiveness study. Aspîre applied its Systems Engineering philosophy to review the Chinook ‘Total System’ (comprising of the Support System, the Mission System and the Employment Plan).

A Chinook Operational Effect Simulation Model was created to represent and to evaluate the operations and the support of the  fleet and used this to identify those factors, and those combinations of factors, which constrained  flying.


Post validation, a range of alternative solutions and combinations of solution were trialled using the simulation model and the results informed the decision making process, a range of solutions were recommended for further investigation or immediate implementation.

The Benefits:
Aspîre demonstrated that up to a 39% improvement in  flying hours was feasible, equivalent to an additional 2,500  flying hours per annum and that this could be achieved with minimal investment and with negligible technical risk.


 The Challenge:
Assist Boeing Defence UK Ltd to develop an organic Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) capability and, concurrently, to develop a full suite of scheduled maintenance documents for the Chinook Mark 6.

Aspîre was conducting a number of RCM analysis programmes using so ware that had become the de facto industry standard.  is so ware was poorly supported, based on obsolete so ware, with a poor data structure that made it very di cult to implement e ective con guration control; it was not cost effective.

The Solution:
Having scoured the market for an acceptable alternative, but to no avail, Aspîre initiated the development of an RCM Toolset to support their in-house RCM analysis activities.  The result is the Aspîre Astar
toolset for RCM and MSG-3 analyses.The Astar toolset facilitates the RCM process, ensuing consistency of approach, it provides an audit trail for that process.

Advanced Configuration Control capabilities mean that it is possible to analyse a large number of alternative configurations of a platform, with minimal duplication of effort.

Astar utilises XML technology to produce a wide range of outputs, these include documentation to support the audit process (both internal and external) and a wide range of camera ready maintenance schedules.
Data can also be exported directly into a Computerised Maintenance Management System [CMMS].

The Benefits:
Astar supports a coherent, optimal analysis process which includes all the activities required to conduct RCM and MSG-3 analyses, in the most effective and eficient manner. Astar is now being used by Major UK Defence Prime contractors.


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