Crest Consultants

Welcome to Crest Consultants!

Crest Consultants philosophy is to provide highly effective consulting services to the marine and offshore business with customer needs in focus. The company believes in long term relationships with their customers as the projects often run from the early sketches until the final documentation is approved and the project has matured into a manufactured product or an implemented procedure.

When a design project has been finalized, Crest Consultants will also support you during operations with fast response to technical services to minimize any down time.

About Us

With long and comprehensive experience from the marine and offshore industry, Crest Consultants offer quality engineering services ranging from technical services such as smaller analyses and engineering work to fully scaled design services. The majority of the staff have many years of experience as employees from a world leading designer of floating offshore units and have been involved in some of the world´s largest offshore projects. This makes Crest Consultants a highly productive and flexible team of marine engineers.

All employees of Crest Consultants are all well qualified and experienced engineers able to provide expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

With a large network of highly skilled Specialists, Crest Consultants assure you that you will have the right team to get the job done, on time and on budget.

Our Services

• Project Management
• Site Management
• Weight Management
• Contract Management

• Arrangement & Outfitting
• Hydrodynamics & mooring
• Stability & Marine Operations
• Structural Design & Analysis
• System design (Piping, HVAC & EIT)
• Safety (HAZID, HAZOP)
• Surveys, Inspections & Support
(LUW, Incline, Structural, Site etc.)

Första Långgatan 22 S-413 28 Göteborg, Sweden
+46 (0) 70-810 47 12