DGS Interparts

DGS Construction is the ideal partner for heavy and light construction work.

Our DGS Construction division has an extensive machine park. This way we can offer a wide range of construction work to match your requirements. We can supply both heavy construction as well as light en refined construction.

With the most modern technology we can realise your project in a cost efficient manner. Our professional personnel covers all aspects of building construction: all types of welding, plate structures in steel, engineering and machinery, etc.

We work with certified welders and have the knowledge to work trough different welding processes: MIG (Metal Inert Gas), MAG (Metal Active Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and with electrodes.

Our engineering department provides a consistently high quality by constantly investing in new technologies and machines.

After an extensive study of the machine to produce, we make a detailed technical design. As a customer, you are closely involved in every step in this process.

With the most modern techniques we design and manufacture a wide range of machine work. Also components of existing machines can be custom made. All techniques are well known; turning, milling, boring, etc.

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