Drew Defense GmbH



Drew Defense is a world-renowned specialist of pyrotechnic products for signaling and illumination as well as training and simulation. Since more than five decades provider of leading edge technology in mine field breaching systems and state of the art gas pressure generators, both for civil and military application

Since the foundation of the Bremerhaven site specialism within the broad spectrum of pyrotechnic products and services was the driver towards customer satisfaction. Applied pyro-technology paired with mechanical engineering, fundamental knowledge of inner and outer ballistics, chemical engineering of effect-, delay-, propulsion-, and ejection compositions has led to a fine range of products. The automation in pyrotechnic production is second to none and provides besides the positive commercial aspect the highest degree in quality assurance and reliability. Constant research and development paired with our responsibility towards the environment has and will optimize the range of products and services offered by us.Drew_Defence_GmbH2

Vieländer Weg 147, 27574 Bremerhaven, Germany
+49 (0)471 393 0