Elkem Tana


The quartzite mine at Elkem Tana has been operated by Elkem since 1983. The deposit has proven resources for more than 50 years production and it is one of the world largest quartzite mining operations.

The quarry has an annual production of approx. 850 000 mt, which is shipped to Elkem customers as well as other industrustrial customers in northern Europe.

The quartzite deposit is located close to the Barents sea and the loading system makes shipments of up to 7 500 mt possible. Despite being localized in the Arctic region, the harbour is ice-free and mining and shipping operations proceed throughout the year.

Depending on chemical quality of the quartzite, the applications are for silicon-, aluminum- and ferrosilicon alloys and iron oxide pellets.

Austertana, 9845 Tana
+47 789 26140