Falkvarv AB


high technical expertise and solid long-term experience

Falkvarv AB, situated on the Swedish west coast between the strait of Öresund and Gothenburg, is a shipyard characterized by high technical expertise and solid long-term experience.

The relatively moderate size of the shipyard, with approximately 100 employees enables it to take fast decisions. The customer can have personal contact with any of Falkvarv¹s employees.

A well-developed network of highly skilled sub -contractors and collaboration partners enables us to offer a high level of capacity at short notice.

Falkvarv can undertake practically all shipyard work, including technically complicated commissions such as extensive engine rebuilding.

Falkvarv has had a good order book during 2010 and 2011, and prospects continue to look bright for the second half of 2011. During 2010/2011 have 130 vessels been repaired and 70 of these have been docked. We have carried out repairs on 50 ships in service or in other ports.

Repairs carried out by the shipyard during the period include the catastrophic failure of a main engine, three cases of major sheet metal damage and an engine conversion.

Engine chocking using Epocast has been caried out a couple of times during the year.




Falkvarv AB
Hamnvägen 12, SE-311 32 Falkenberg
+46 346 141 50
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