Franzefoss Minerals



Franzefoss Minerals AS is a Norwegian family-owned company, with Miljøkalk as a wholly owned subsidiary. Verdalskalk and NorFraKalk are affiliated production companies. We are currently one of Norway’s leading suppliers of lime and dolomite for construction, agriculture, environmental projects, heavy industry, watercourses and the export market. Our production, storage and distribution networks cover the entire country.


Miljøkalk AS consists of a sales department responsible for sales from other plants within the corporation, and a production department responsible for processing lime and dolomite products using local raw materials. As a major lime and dolomite supplier, our task is to produce and deliver a large proportion of the lime and dolomite needed in society.


Verdalskalk AS is a production company for its owners: Franzefoss Bruk AS, Faxe Kalk AS and Nordkalk Oy Ab. Its history goes back to 1897, when the first lime company, Hylla Kalkverk, opened for business. Today, the company is a medium-sized enterprise in the Trøndelag region of Norway. Limestone from Tromsdalen is exceptionally pure, and thorough quality controls during the production processes ensure the high quality of the products.


NorFraKalk was founded in 2004 by Franzefoss Minerals AS and Nordkalk Oy Ab. With a capacity of 200,000 tons of quick lime per year, the kiln at NorFraKalk is based on state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees efficient energy consumption and minimal emissions to the environment. Most of NorFraKalk’s products are currently used for producing paper pigment at paper factories in Sweden.



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