Frese Metal- & Stålstøberi A/S

Metal and Steel Foundry

Customised casting components for the toughest applications

With over 7 decades of knowledge and experience in the field of specialist sand castings, Frese provides customers with customised solutions for the most demanding of applications in a range of alloys including bronze, nickel-aluminium bronze, stainless steel and duplex steel.

Customised sand castings

By using innovative manufacturing processes and knowledge, Frese work closely with customers to provide the best possible solution both technically and commercially.

Manufacturing excellence is of extreme importance to Frese, and continuous investment is made to ensure solutions are delivered on-time and to specification in the most environmentally-friendly manner.

Supplying component solutions to a number of market segments, including the marine and offshore industries, Frese offer a range of services including pattern design and production, MAGMA-soft® simulation, 3D mould printing, GOM 3D scanning, machining, certified quality inspection and supply chain management.


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