GKN Aerospace Norway AS (GAN) was established in 1987 to acquire the assets of the former jet engine division at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, which produced components to a range of engine programs for commercial and military aircraft.

GKN – Engineering that moves the world
GAN is 100 % owned by GKN plc., a British company with more than 250 years of engineering experience, holding leading market shares within its four divisions; Aerospace, Land Systems, Driveline and Powder Metallurgy. GKN has nearly 50 000 employees in more than 35 countries and is located in all continents.

GKN Aerospace – Making things fly
GKN Aerospace is a world leading global first tier supplier of airframe and engine structures, components, assemblies and transparencies to a wide range of aircraft and engine prime contractors and other first tier suppliers. GKN Aerospace is continuing to grow its investment in leading edge technologies, bringing their customers high technology solutions through effective deployment of innovative solutions.

Corporate Strategy
GAN’s corporate strategy is to achieve a balanced engagement in commercial and military aircraft engine programs ensuring long-term market access. We are participating as a co-owner and partner in commercial aircraft engine projects, for both standard and wide- bodied aircraft. Our strategy is to focus investment in core market technology development and application, and expand our global footprint.


GAN – Reliable partner of complex products for aero engine manufacturers.
GAN is a part of GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, which specializes in development and engineering of complex structures and rotating parts. GAN manufactures complex components for aircraft engines and gas turbines for the world’s largest aircraft engine manufacturers and participates in several of the market’s largest civil and military aircraft engine programs.

The engineering company employs approximately 500 highly skilled people and represents a technological competence center within advanced mechanical production. GAN is located within Kongsberg Technology Park, which consists of some 40 companies with world-class high-tech solutions from subsea to outer space.

Quality Assurance
GAN manufactures mechanical components and modules to the highest quality requirements to the world’s leading aircraft engine manufacturers, and for both military and commercial aircraft engines. The company is certified to NATO AQAP-2310, ISO 9001, AS 9100 Rev.C and ISO 14001.


GKN_Aerospace_03Vanes (Commercial and military)
GAN has extensive experience in vane (airfoil) production for military and commercial engines, and is the sole supplier of specifi c turbine vanes for
engines in the CFM56 family. We are also the sole supplier of turbine vanes within GKN Aerospace Engine Systems. To ensure competitiveness, we use specialized, highly automated manufacturing methods.






GKN_Aerospace_04Turbine Exhaust Cases /Turbine Rear Frames
GAN is a cost-effective supplier of large Turbine Exhaust Cases/ Turbine Rear Frames incorporating rear engine mounts.
We specialize in fabrication of lightweight solutions, and have extensive experience in fabricating turbine exhaust cases using highly automated manufacturing cells, both in welding, machining and quality control. We deploy lean principles and methodology throughout the shop to guarantee short lead- times.





GKN_Aerospace_05Small and medium Cases
We manufacture turbine cases, compressor cases, intermediate cases and rings for both military and commercial engine programs. We utilize highly automated sophisticated and advanced production cells.






Precision manufacturing of critical Low Pressure Turbine and Compressor Shafts for a number of prestigious commercial and military turbofan engines, is an important area of specialization. We turn, drill and grind steel and exotic materials such as nickel and titanium alloys.
All operations, machining, heat treatment and specialized processes are
in house.

GAN is the sole supplier of Shafts within GKN Aerospace Engine Systems.



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