HBI Haerter AG

HBI – Your partner for ventilation,
aerodynamics and safety of tunnels

HBI is a firm of consulting engineers. The services focus on the design, planning and execution of projects in the field of tunnel ventilation, prediction of emissions, safety issues as well as the aerodynamics and thermodynamics of road and rail tunnels. HBI offers the entire range of services related to tunnel ventilation – from first feasibility studies, measurements, detail studies, project execution up to refurbishment and optimisation during operation.With more than 800 reference projects HBI is an internationally leading consultant specialised in tunnel ventilation. Quality, innovation and reliability characterize the services of HBI.

HBI Haerter Consulting Engineers is an independent company owned by its management and originates from SHB Schindler Haerter Ltd founded in 1963. From the offices in Bern and Zurich (Switzerland), in Heidenheim (Germany) and Sydney (Australia) more than 30 ventilation specialists work on the worldwide projects.

Ventilation and cooling of tunnel systems and underground sites

Ventilation of road tunnels
The design and implementation of ventilation installations are executed considering the country specific guidelines
and requirements as well as the construction, operational and maintenance costs.Ventilation of railway tunnels
The ventilation design of a metro or railway tunnel system requires broad know-how in various fields: from profound knowledge in aero- and thermodynamics and the capability to perform simulations of complex tunnel systems to the implementation of the design into operational, reliable ventilation systems.

Refurbishment of ventilation systems
We analyse your ventilation system and provides a new ventilation design for safe and economic operation considering the current guidelines and requirements. For the refurbishment or optimisation of an existing ventilation system, HBI provides knowledge of specialists in various disciplines such as tunnel construction, control system, simulation, fire protection, mechanical equipment etc. We provide the adequate approach meeting the requirements of your tunnel project.