HiCo-ICS: Delivering Information Logistics

Integrated Logistics Support/Integrated Product Support has become a challenging factor in decisions for complex systems. Valid calculations and simulations are required to determine true Life-Cycle-Cost for maintenance and support during the in-service support phase.

HiCo-ICS is a leading vendor of specialized solutions for Integrated Technical Logistics Information Systems (ITLS) and innovative Service Information Systems (iSS) for shipbuilding industries and civil and military aviation and operators. The HiCo software solutions are optimized for operators, repair centers (MRO) and OEMs to maximize operations for complex technical products and systems. Efficient system integration services ensure up-to-date information over the complete lifecycle for your products and centralized access to information for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

HiCo_ICS2HiCo products support internationally established ASD- and ATA-standards for Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs), Integrated Materiel Management and Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) such as ASD S1000D®/S2000M/S3000L and other shipbuilding standards.

Technical Publications with HiCo ietdSuite®

HiCo´s ietdSuite® represents the central solution in administering an editing process of Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD). It is a substantial, extremely flexible, cost-effective and easy to operate content management system.

The software is characterized by a central information source offering the user control on each component level.by a central information source offering the user control on each component level.

  • Optimization of documentation and publication processes
  • Time and cost saving by standardized, quality-assured information filing
  • Future-proof data stocks due to the use of standardized data formats such as SGML, XML, CGM, SVG, PDF
  • Reduced maintenance expenditure for documents, data and illustrations thanks to the single source principle
  • Documentation can be expanded and adapted quickly and easily
  • Quick start made possible by standardized templates and style sheets
  • Support of international standards such as ASD S1000D® v 2.3, v4.01, v4.1 as well as ATA iSpec 2200
  • Re-usability of illustrations and documents
  • Incorporation of latest Microsoft .NET technologies

Integrated Logistis Support/Integrated Product Support with HiCo iLS.Suite®

The HiCo iLS.Suite™ is the central application by HiCo-ICS for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Technical Documentation. The HiCo iLS.Suite™ integrates data from existing applications and information resources and ensures the access on integrated logistic product information for program and ILS managers. Thereby, the focus is on the standard-compliant integration of data from different ILS segments like Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Material Management and Technical Publications. The HiCo iLS.Suite™ is also the central system for the customer support for operational and maintenance feedback.

International customers like Rheinmetall, Pilatus Aircraft, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Fokker Aeostructures and many others could realize quick ROIs when implementing the HiCo iLS.Suite®. More than 2.000 users are working with the HiCo iLS.Suite® every day.


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