Hifab provides the following services to the Swedish and international mining industry:

  • Social Impact Assessments (SIA)
  • Climate Change Mitigation – Design and implementation
  • Environmental surveys in soil, sediment and water, including risk assessment and evaluation of possible remediation methodology of contaminated land
  • Permit applications in association with exploration work & exploitation concessions
  • Auditing of industrial and mining operations as well as implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Environmental engineering including design of constructions for remediation and protection measures
  • Waste management including landfill design, waste processing, leachate treatment, monitoring programs and closure plans
  • Baseline biological, geochemical and hydrogeological surveys
  • Construction Manager
  • Plant construction Manager
  • Permit management in accordance with Swedish law requirements and authorities praxis.

Our extensive experience from the Swedish regulatory system comes from years of managing a number of different permit application processes. Local presence, good knowledge of local conditions combined with well established contacts with local and regional governmental authorities have proven essential in order to successfully complete permit application processes.

Hifab has vast experience of the mining industry, permit processes, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in general. In the case of analysing the Nordic reindeer industry, Hifab has acquired unique expertise and skills, making it the preferred choice for the mining and energy sectors.

Hifab offers project management and counselling on a global level for a sustainable development and an optimisation of customer resources.

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