Hugo Tillquist AB

Hugo Tillquist AB is a technology trading company and have been active for more than 120 years. The company is well-known in the Power- and Process/OEM industry in which the Nordic region is the largest market.Hugo Tillquist AB is located in Stockholm with headquarters and warehouse in Kista. Approximately 30 employees are based in Kista and the company also has a subsidiary in Nyköping focused on trades in measuring.

Hugo Tillquist AB is a distributor in the Nordic region through the representation of around 40 selected foreign
suppliers (agencies), selling both customized solutions and standard products for the entire Swedish and Scandinavian industry.We help our customers to find optimal solutions that both enhance and streamline their operations. Hugo Tillquist represents PECOFacet, a leading Filtration and Separation company and KANON, specialists on Loading Arms Equipment.

KANON Loading Equipment B.V. is a Dutch company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of loading and unloading systems for marine, road and rail tankers.The company operates on a worldwide basis through a well-trained network of carefully selected agents and associate
companies, fully able to promote all aspects of the KANON product range.

KANON Loading Systems can handle the widest range of liquids and gases, from cryogenic to high temperature applications, and include the most hazardous or corrosive fluids.

Hugo Tillquist AB is a distributor through the PECOFacet, a Parker Hannifin Company.Today’s industrial environment requires more than just managing day-today filter changes. There is an urgency to address complex contaminant management issues that interconnect us all. Smart companies leverage partnerships that synergize with overall corporate sustainability. PECOFacet is one of these companies.

PecoFacet is the leading filtration and separation company serving the world’s petrochemical, refining, marine, offshore and aviation industries. PecoFacet has earned worldwide recognition with more than 70 years of experience in the separation of solid liquid, liquid-liquid, liquid-gas and solid-gas. PECOFacet is a world leader in design, manufacture and distribution of compact filtration systems. These Systems help you prevent environmental contamination and at the same time assure you cost efficiency, working reliability and confidence.

PecoFacet has more than 5000 units and systems in operation worldwide, fulfilling the most stringent requirements and regulations while maintaining optimum performance in all kind of vessels such as cargo, cruise, yacht, ro-ro, fishing, military and off-shore vessels and facilities.

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