Jotun Coatings

Jotun Marine Coatings: Solutions to shipowners

Jotun Marine Coatings is a leading provider of coating solutions to the global marine fleet. It’s Hull Performance Solutions is unique – with a transparent way of measuring hull performance along with a guaranteed maximum speed deviation. Its antifouling solutions are regarded as the best in the market offering significant cost saving for the shipping industry. Jotun SeaStock solutions is considered to be the most comprehensive and efficient in the market, solving the real challenges our customers are facing when conducting onboard maintenance, often in the harshest environments.

In 2016, Jotun welcomed the publication of ISO 19030, a new standard conceived to measure changes in ship-specific hull and propeller performance, which Jotun uses as the basis for the company’s High Performance Guarantee. At the same time, Jotun is focused on strengthening relationships with existing customers to secure scheduled maintenance contracts.

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