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Compressed air: indispensable for tunnel construction and miningKaeser_Kompressor_01

Compressors to the lode
A reliable and economical supply of quality compressed air is an absolute necessity for success in mining as well as construction of subterranean transportation infrastructure. Only an experienced systems provider of sophisticated compressed air solutions, such as Kaeser Kompressoren, can deliver both the required equipment and expertise needed to ensure optimum performance. Kaeser doesn’t just sell machines, but provides total system solutions customised to meet the exact needs of the specific application.

Whether providing extensive compressed air systems for large workshops in mines, single compressors for cleaning machinery at depths of 1000 metres, or delivering reliable support air for tunnel boring machines or cleaning and conveying air for subterranean slurry wall construction in mining operations, Kaeser Kompressoren provides truly comprehensive service, no matter what the job. Moreover, Kaeser Kompressoren’s compressed air experts know exactly which compressors and air treatment systems to use for any given application, and work in close partnership with clients to design and develop the overall concept and determine its “long-term effect”. Furthermore, they ensure that all systems are perfectly suited to the relevant work environment.

One such example is the use of CSDX rotary screw compressors and compressed air receivers installed on mine train flatcars for construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, part of the larger new transalpine rail link – or NEAT (Neue Eisenbahn Alpen-Transversale) – project in Switzerland; the Kaeser equipment is used in the “downhole drilling” process.

As part of urban subway tunnel construction sites around the world, including Cologne, Dusseldorf and Kuala Lampur, multiple large Mobilair compressors have been installed in each case as outdoor stations mounted on skids to provide the support air for the borers’ tunnelling shields.

Powerful Mobilair units are also aiding construction of subterranean slurry walls that protect local settlements from potential water table contamination resulting from the lignite open-pit mining area in Lausitz.

Uncompromising reliability and optimal energy efficiency are “built in” to every Kaeser Kompressoren product, so it’s not surprising that the Coburg-based compressed air specialist also continues to deliver “more air and more savings” for demanding applications such as these.



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