Kållandsö Varv AB


Repair and new-building

Kållandsö Varv is a family owned shipyard located in Lake Vänern. It was established in 1945 and offers ship-repair services as well as conversions and new-buildings. Through the years 25 new-buildings has left the shipyard, of with the latest one is the 40 m transport-ferry “Amanda” delivered in 2008.

The dry-dock has been enlarged several times and since 2011 it is suited for väner -max ships.

A small organization and a good network with skilled sub-contractors enables good flexibility combined with ability to perform a good service for all kind of ship -repair services.

Dry-dock capacity: 89 x 13,4 m


Kållandsö Varv AB
Trelle, Kållandsö, SE-531 99 LIDKÖPING, Sweden
+46 510 10122