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kgkThe ZF Marine Group, with headquarters in Friedrichshafen, Germany and Padova, Italy, supplies transmissions for all types of vessels in a power range from 10 to 16,000 kW. The manufacturing locations are in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, China and Taiwan.

The Pleasure Craft range includes lightweight, compact transmissions for all installation configurations, both single and 2-Speed.

The Fast Craft range includes compact, high performance transmissions for special applications in megayachts, defense craft and high-speed ferries.

The Commercial Craft range includes heavy duty, deep ratio transmissions for all types of workboats as well as large gearboxes suitable for medium-speed Diesel installations typically installed in seagoing cargo vessels and tankers.

ZF supplies a full range of thruster systems, produced at ZF Krimpen, Netherlands. Azimuth, deck mounted, retractable thrusters and several more types and models.

In addition, ZF Marine offers a full range of propellers (fixed pitch) together with associated shafts, seals and bearings, also surface-drive systems and CANbus compatible, electronic control systems.

The KGK group is representing ZF marine products in Norway and Sweden.

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Thruster Systems

ZF Marine HRP has more than 30 years of experience in building azimuth thrusters. The company has designed, produced and commissioned various types of thrusters, for a multitude of applications around the world, bringing ZF Marine HRP the reputation of a reliable and renowned thruster supplier. All thrusters are developed, designed and produced in house and built in accordance with high quality standards, guaranteeing the reliability of the product.



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