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Advantages of VSCF technology: 

  • Synchronizes power generator and its diesel engine to specific power requirements
  • Automatically adjusts the optimal range of diesel engine to specific power requirements
  • Optimally handles ‘low loads’ and significantly reduces Life Cycle Costs and maintenance
  • Operates with no fixed value and handles either AC and DC currents optimally
  • One VSCF generator can replace 2-3 configured load sharing conventional generators with its wide power range
  • Considerable savings for procurement and logistics


With over 70 years of experience, Kirsch Defence has established a reputation as a global innovator in the design and development of innovative robust power generator units, meeting all the requirements of modern military operations.  Since Bernard Kirsch founded the company in 1945 in a small workshop in his parent’s house-Kirsch power generating units can be found all over the world and in use by the Swiss, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian and Swedish armies. The Kirsch business philosophy has always been based on understanding and responding to partners’ needs with reliable, robust with innovative design and dedication.

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