KMA_Textiles_BV1KMA_Textiles_BV2KMA Textiles BV has its own manufacturing plant in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, where also all prototyping, sourcing and product developement takes place. For large volume and for certain products we can make use of a strictly controlled international network of certified manufacturers so we can always find the best solution for your production needs.

KMA Textiles is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Outdoor solutions (tents, shelters)KMA offers clients a full and confidential process of evaluation, material specification, design, prototyping, testing, approval, contract manufacturing, logistics solutions (warehousing & transportation) and through-life management. We provide these services across a wide range of applications and sectors around the world. For one-off requirements KMA can reproduce a product that is already in use, directly from a drawing, a specification or a sample.

In partnership with customers and suppliers, KMA designs and delivers bespoke solutions across a wide range of product groups: rucksacks, instrument pouches, instrumentation deployment bags, patient handling slings, harness assemblies, holdalls, bulk carrier bags, equipment covers, vehicle covers, PLCE, PPE, trolley covers, insulation covers and a variety of safety bags and harnesses. Our focus is to maintain a first class service to organisations in our core sectors of Defence, Police & security, Aviation & Transport, Medical, Safety, Fire & Rescue, Offshore & Utilities and Other applications. Quality, customer satisfaction and confidentiality are at the core of our business.

KMA Textiles main industries:

  • Marine & Offshore
  • Defense, Police & Security
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Aviation
  • Outdoor solutions (tents, shelters)


Hermes 14, 8448 CK, Heerenveen, The Netherlands
+31 515 331 344