Knivsmed Strømeng AS

Knivsmed Strømeng AS knifesmiths of Karasjok have been making genuine Saami knives for many generations. Experienced artisans forge the blades from the very finest grade carbon steel. In addition to tolerating all temperatures, this superb steel makes the blades ductile and durable. Crafted from hardy, slow-growing birch from the Arctic plains, the shafts are elegantly shaped to fit the hand, even when that hand is covered by a glove or mitten.


The Strømeng forefathers brought the art of knifesmithing to Karasjok in the 1700s. Since then, the secrets of the trade have been handed down from one generation to the next. Today, the Strømeng company is one of the few knifesmiths that makes knives designed with the modernday Saami in mind. The fact that the Saami use Strømeng knives for their everyday activities, often working under severe weather conditions, is the very best guarantee of their firstclass quality.

In addition to being popular among the Saami and outdoor enthusiasts all over Norway, the solid, traditional Strømeng knives have been discovered by the military. Against sharp national and international competition, thousands of Saami knives from Knivsmed Strømeng have been sold to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Other NATO countries have also indicated an interest in these sturdy knives from the North.

Knivsmed Strømeng crafts knives in a variety of sizes to meet different needs and requirements. The knives are equipped with custom-made sheaths sewn from naturally tanned leather that lets moisture out, but not in. The sheaths can be decorated upon request, and the blades can be engraved with names, unit names or numbers, etc.

Knivsmed Strømeng AS
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